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Jingle All the Way to Phonics Success: Christmas Break Activities for Kids

The Christmas break is a magical time filled with joy, laughter, and quality family moments. While embracing the festive spirit is essential, parents can also seize the opportunity to reinforce their children's phonics skills in a fun and engaging way. Here are four Christmas-themed activities that blend holiday cheer with educational value and an innovative resource – the Light Up Silent E – to add an extra sparkle to your phonics practice.

Santa's Workshop

  1. Santa's Spelling Workshop: Transform your living room into Santa's Spelling Workshop by crafting festive letter cards and asking your child to spell Christmas-themed words (ex, Tree, candy cane, snow, snowball). Use holiday decorations like tinsel, ornaments, and stockings to create a playful and interactive learning environment. This hands-on approach will make phonics practice enjoyable and memorable.

  2. Reindeer Rhyme Time: Gather around with your little ones for a session of Reindeer Rhyme Time. Create a list of rhyming words related to Christmas, such as snow-glow, bell-well, or tree-bee. Encourage your child to identify and match the rhyming pairs, turning it into a festive game that enhances their phonics skills while fostering a love for language.


3. Holiday Storybook Creations: Encourage your child to become a festive storyteller by crafting their Christmas-themed storybook. Have them include words with different phonics patterns in the narrative. This creative exercise develops phonics skills and boosts their imagination and storytelling abilities.

Plus, it makes for a cherished holiday keepsake.

4. Light Up Silent E-Resource: Enhance your phonics sessions with the Light Up Silent E-resource. This innovative tool adds an exciting visual element to the learning process. As your child explores words with the silent 'e,' the light-up feature provides instant feedback, making the experience educational and entertaining. Incorporate this resource into your daily phonics routine to reinforce the concept of silent 'e' in a captivating way. Grab your copy of the "Light Up Silent-E worksheets here.

This Christmas break, infuse the spirit of the season into your child's phonics practice with these festive activities. From Santa's Spelling Workshop to the Reindeer Rhyme Time, each activity offers a unique and enjoyable way to reinforce essential phonics skills. With the bonus of the Light Up Silent E resource, you can make learning even more engaging and effective.

Happy Holidays and Happy Learning!

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