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A Bit About Me

Hello, I am Lashunika Hicks, proud owner and your trusted tutor. I am a skilled educator who works to build positive relationships with students. 

I started my journey within the education field in the year of ​ 2019, which was right before the pandemic. During this time I witnessed a shift in the learning environment. Students faced different learning challenges which caused gaps within their at home and school learning journey.

Making a difference in each child's learning journey and seeing students overcome learning barriers is very important. Helping parents end their worries on whether their child will ever perform at grade level is essential. 

From hearing parents voice their concerns about their child's learning difficulties Growing Strong Minds was birthed.

Growing Strong Minds supports K-5 to achieve reading success through virtual learning sessions.

Through Growing Strong Minds students are introduced with customized learning plans which support them in transitioning from learning how to read to reading to learn.


 At Growing Strong Minds we believe each child deserves to be successful, each child deserves to have access to resources that will make a difference in their academic career, and each parent deserves to be supported throughout their child's academic journey.

Growing Strong Minds is steered towards building positive relationships and helping each family bridge learning gaps from home to school, from school to the real world.

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