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About Growing Strong Minds

Growing Strong Minds is a private tutoring program. We serve students in grades K-6, by boosting their overall academic confidence. Our mission is to bridge learning gaps while supporting students inside the home which will better support them inside the classroom. We aim to leave an impact on each child, from state to state, through our virtual services which will create an on going love for learning.

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We help students achieve reading success by strategically showing them how to go from

Learning how
to read

Reading to learn


Thank you so much for providing such excellent tutorial sessions for my daughter. She looks forward to your sessions and seems to really have a new love for learning. She's excited to know that by working hard and receiving tutoring through the summer she will be ahead of the game for 5th grade!! Just wanted to say thank you and let you know you are making a huge difference in building her "academic" confidence!!

Nicole Brown


Parent Involvement 

Growing Strong Minds has created a community that is based on helping students bridge learning gaps. We also provide a community that will help parents know when to seek support for their child. Parents are provided with a number of resources to help with at home learning. Growing Strong Minds aim is to prevent and turn around any learning gaps by providing a community where parents can also play a role in their child's academic journey.