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Introducing "Light Up Silent E" – the ideal phonics resource designed to master the VCE pattern with a festive twist! This engaging resource is tailored to enhance your students' phonics skills through a Christmas-themed approach, making learning both educational and enjoyable.


The "Light Up Silent E" resource comprises six carefully crafted worksheets, each strategically designed to reinforce the understanding and application of the VCE pattern. This pattern, also known as the magic "e" or silent "e," transforms short vowel sounds into long vowel sounds when added to the end of a word. With themed activities, your students will embark on a joyful journey of phonics discovery, aligning education with the spirit of the holiday season.


To ensure ease of use for educators, parents, and students alike, "Light Up Silent E" includes a comprehensive answer key. This valuable tool empowers teachers and parents to guide their learners effectively, providing instant feedback and support for a seamless learning experience.


Perfect for the holiday season, "Light Up Silent E" is an excellent resource to send home as a review during the festive break. Parents can effortlessly incorporate it into their home routines, allowing students to continue practicing and reinforcing their phonics skills in a relaxed and festive atmosphere. This resource serves as a bridge between the classroom and home, fostering continuity in learning and promoting a positive connection between education and holiday celebrations.


Make this holiday season not only a time for festivities but also an opportunity for meaningful phonics practice with "Light Up Silent E" – a resource that lights up the path to phonics mastery and creates lasting memories of learning and joy.

Light Up Silent E

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